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Technology Services Reference

KeepnTrack servers are hosted directly at one of our private, first-class, data network facilities. These services are hosted on secure, access-restricted machines that are protected by battery backup, housed in a climate-controlled environment, and connected to the internet via high-speed fiber-optic connection. All services are monitored electronically by certified professionals 24/7, so if a problem does occur, it can be addressed quickly. Equipment modification and upgrades are completed swiftly and scheduled during off-hours and low-use periods.

KeepnTrack servers are maintained on fault-tolerant hardware. In the event of hard drive failure, service will not be interrupted. All customer data is backed up daily and stored on COMPanion servers, with an additional daily backup stored securely offsite at a separate data network facility. Daily backup data is kept for seven (7) days. This data cannot be accessed outside of COMPanion’s hosted services. In the unlikely event that your data needs to be restored from a backup, COMPanion will perform that service at no additional charge as quickly as possible. COMPanion respects your data as confidential and will not distribute any of your data’s contents to a third party without prior written authorization. Any authorized third party with which COMPanion does business would guarantee the same expectation of confidentiality.

Below you will find a reference for technicians utilizing KeepnTrack at their site. KeepnTrack is completely self-contained and can be run from browsers on both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OSX.

In order for KeepnTrack to function properly, the internet security of your site should be configured to allow communications on certain ports for specific domains; use this reference as a starting point to help identify any issues that pertain to your specific site or to quickly find links to more detailed information in our online help.

By default, reports are generated in PDF format. We recommend using the most current version of Adobe Reader as your default PDF viewer.

Recommended Hardware & System Requirements

KeepnTrack is an entirely web-based—all you need is an internet browser and we provide the rest. The KeepnTrack servers are hosted by COMPanion Corporation and designed for maximum up-time for our users via mirrored drives, daily backups, battery backups and other technologies. It is also noteworthy to mention that KeepnTrack requires modern and up-to-date internet browsers and machine hardware for the best user experience. Below are the minimum hardware and browser requirements for using KeepnTrack’s Administration and Kiosk operations.

Admin & KioskMac OS 10.11+
Windows 10 or 11
X86 or X64 Multi-Core/Processor
4GB of RAM (or higher; 2GB minimum)
20+ GB Free Hard Drive Space
Universal ID ScannerCurrent version of any modern web browser
Badge PrinterMac OS 10.11+
Windows 10 or 11
Adobe Reader, Printer Software, Drivers, and User Guides
USB CameraMac OS 10.11+
Windows 10 or 11
USB 2.0+

Technology Support Services

Requirements & Recommended Browsers

We recommend using at least a 1024 x 768 screen resolution and the most recent version of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Other browsers may work; however, we won’t be able to guarantee an optimal user experience.

Run Your KeepnTrack Browser In Kiosk Mode

Not to be confused with KeepnTrack’s Kiosk interface, Kiosk Mode is a feature found in most modern browsers that limits user access on a computer to specific web pages only. In “kiosk” mode, browser windows are full screen and the address, tools, menu, and status bars are hidden from use and not displayed.

Scheduled Maintenance

KeepnTrack servers perform routine maintenance as necessary.

Scheduled Events: Backups & Archives

KeepnTrack servers perform nightly backups and archives of your data.

Ports & IP Addresses

To fully optimize or guarantee performance, improve latency, and/or increase usable bandwidth for our web services, it may be necessary to implement bandwidth management and traffic shaping software/hardware; this way you can control, limit, or direct the traffic on your network and determine the allowed bandwidth consumption for our software.

Ports for Core Communications

Kiosk and Administration clients communicate with the KeepnTrack server(s) via port 443. Your network security should allow for client-server communications (send and receive) over this port.

Ports for Analytics

Allow communications with Google Analytics via port 80 to so we can better understand how our features are used.

SSL Communications

KeepnTrack only accepts communications from secure web ports via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)-cryptographic protocols that provide communication security over the internet. SSL encrypts segments of network connections using asymmetric cryptography for key exchange, symmetric encryption for privacy, and a keyed message authentication code for message reliability.

Printers & Scanners

KeepnTrack-supported label printers and identification scanners may require specialized plugins that are installed alongside the standard software and drivers. As a basic troubleshooting measure, please update to the most current version of your printer’s drivers to avoid (or eliminate) most printing problems, take advantage of your printer’s latest features, and ensure maximum print compatibility and quality.

Visit the Install Guides section to download hardware drivers and/or documentation.

Technology Services Cheat Sheet

In order to use all of our client’s services and built-in functionality, you should configure your firewall to allow access to the following ports and addresses. However, depending on the required internet security at your site, you may only want to enable firewall access for the server that you use.

Shown below is a list of addresses you should allow in your firewall’s access control list.

NamePortsURL/Web Address
KeepnTrack Server 1443Use the URL provided to you by COMPanion.
KeepnTrack Server 2443Use the URL provided to you by COMPanion.

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